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River City Girls Zero

WayForward, Arc System Works, Technos Japan, Almanic
Feb 14, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for River City Girls Zero

‎A great "brawler" for Super Nintendo, unreleased outside of Japan, which to this day is still a lot of fun. Although the limitations of the 16-bit machine are noticeable, its sense of humor and variety of levels make it worthwhile, especially in local mode for 2 players.‎

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River City Girls Zero is a charming prequel that fans of the series should add to their collection. However, as the game is almost thirty years old players shouldn’t expect the fast pace action from the more recent games. But nevertheless River City Girls Zero is a fun but tough port that deserves your attention after taking so long to be released outside of Japan.

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You're being treated here, not to a replica of 16-bit graphics, but the genuine article, and that in itself carries a wonderful charm. With varied locales and great music, River City Girls Zero cleverly all takes place in pseudo real-time, the sun setting into night and eventually dawning again as you near end of your journey. It's an endearing romp across a quaintly rendered Japanese urban landscape that continually offers new places to scrap - from fairground rides and collapsing buildings to nightclubs and sun-drenched bays - all becoming especially colourful in the last hour. While it's very much a game of its era, River City Girls Zero is still rewarding for those interested in experiencing one of the saga's more creative entries.

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Awesome 16-bit graphics and nostalgia will distract you from the sluggish gameplay. Players unfamiliar with retro brawlers should probably skip out on this one. But if you're a fan of the River City series and want to take a trip back in time, this is a good place to start.

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And then, and this is truly the best part of RCGZ, you unlock the ability to play the Intro, Outro, and End Credit sequences from the main menu. You can also flip through scanned pages of the original game's Japanese instruction booklet if that's your bag. I haven't played too many games where the bread is the best part of the sandwich, but here we are.

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River City Girls Zero is geared more toward existing Kunio-kun fans rather than those who are new to the series. Existing fans can appreciate the callbacks to older titles and like the fact that the game tries something different with the formula. Everyone else will still enjoy the game but may wonder why many series elements and genre traits are missing. It is a solid game, but be cautious going in if you aren't already a fan of the Kunio-kun series.

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I'm quite happy that we finally have an official port of this 16-bit beat 'em up gem. Although River City Girls Zero isn't as fun as River City Ransom or its modern sequels, it's still an exciting brawler with a rather engaging story to boot.

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River City Girls Zero features a previously Japan-only Kunio adventure and River City Girls' first foray in beating the crap out of people with their respective boyfriends.

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